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"Christian was the perfect resource for us as we started in on a large Quickbooks integration for our product, and has continued to be a trusted guide in helping us avoid pitfalls that wouldn’t have been obvious to a team working with Quickbooks for the first time.”

Matt Brown
Wherefour, Inc
Modern food and beverage manufacturing ERP software.

I wrote the book.

I am the author of the premier book on getting started with a QuickBooks Online Integration.

I teach the class.

I am the creater and teacher of the exclusive QuickBooks Desktop Integration Master Class

Case studies

Guru Importer logo

Guru Importer founders, Alan and Steve Davis had an idea to get Payroll import files into QBO. Staying on budget, I was able to turn that idea into a highly-rated app on the Intuit App Store .

  • Here is a Guru Importer review from William Murphy, Senior Editor of the Insightful Accountant.
    Based upon my limited testing I must say that I found this utility very easy to use, and it appeared to work exactly as the company’s website described it. The learning-curve is minimal, as opposed to more sophisticated 'multi-task' importers. The error checking routines found the mistakes that I intentionally included in the various test files I checked, and the iiF files imported normally and posted properly in the files I used without errors. There were no indications of errors within my QuickBooks Online data, either from a technical standpoint or an ‘accounting’ standpoint. So if you have IIF files with Journal Entries that need to be posted to QuickBooks Online, Guru Importer maybe just what you are looking for. ‐ William Murphy
Partnered with GasketGuy to launch an amazing product

Dave Brautigan, Entrepreneur & CEO of GasketGuy based in Atlanta, Georgia had an idea to revolutionize the way gasket repair shops do business. We partnered to make a special app completely tailored for this vertical market. Named Xsell, it is currently in daily use having aspirations of delivering large profits. I finished the app entirely to Dave's vision and didn't go over the budget by a single penny.

Partnered with Green Light Group Tours to automate their QuickBooks processes.

Corey Black, founding partner of Green Light Group Tours of St. Augustine, Florida desired to end the massive amount of dual entry that was occurring within their accounting workflow. We are currently in the process of tackling this problem and are closing in on a successful outcome without going over budget.

Partnered with RepairShopr to help improve their QB Integration

Troy Anderson, the founder of RepairShopr, needed consultation on an existing QuickBooks integration. I took this burden off of the development team so that they could instead focus attention on other high-profit capabilities of RepairShopr.

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