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QuickBooks Connect and Intuit Sign on Buttons in SVG


SVG (plus some tweaking) = Responsive

I got tired of dealing with raster image versions when building responsive views. With SVG browser support having fully arrived it was time to not wait for Intuit and go ahead and get their buttons into the future.

When downloading Intuit's buttons .zip file I noticed that they included an .eps file(s) covering of all the raster image kinds. I converted the .eps files into .svg counterparts and imported that into the awesome Gravit Designer.

From these Gravit Designer source files I created the individual .svg source files and built a Rails plugin.

Demo please

See the demo page and scale the width to see how well these buttons adjust.

The qbo_buttons gem demo page.

I'm not Riding Rails

If you are not on the Rails tech stack, no problem, just grab the Gravit source files or the individual .svg files from the qbo_buttons gem and build your own solution.