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Multiple QuickBooks Sandboxes


Adding and naming a sandbox

Minimul says —

Intuit allows a developer account to have up to 5 sandboxes. Let's take a look at making a new sandbox and giving it a descriptive name.

  1. Login to your developer account and select "Sandbox" from the "Hello, <login name> dropdown."
  2. Sandboxes are tied to your developer account not your apps.
    Here is an example of a default developer sandbox.
    Sandbox countries supported besides U.S. are Austraila, Canada, India, and U.K.
  3. Click the "Add" button.
  4. After the screen refreshes you will see the second sandbox.
  5. The new sandbox is not too descriptive but let's change that.
  6. Open up "Go to company" into a new browser tab.
  7. Be nice if there was an easier way to change the sandbox company name but for the time being we have go into the account.
  8. Once into the sandbox account click on the gear icon and then "Company settings".
  9. (1) Click gear icon; (2) then "Company settings".
  10. Then within the "Company" section => "Company Name" section, click on the pencil icon.
  11. Clicking pencil/edit icon.
  12. Since I want to use this sandbox for testing the qbo_api gem I will name this sandbox accordingly.
  13. Edit the name inline, click "Save", and then "Done".
  14. Go back to your Intuit developer account tab and click "Reload".
  15. Now we have a nice descriptive name for our new sandbox.


You don't have fit all of your integration needs by using just one sandbox. Instead, take advantage of the ability to make additional descriptive QuickBooks Online sandboxes to aid in your developer experience.