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HTML to Word Document using OpenOffice


Amazing how many organizations still want a web application developer to provide a word version of their CV. If you have your CV online like me, here is a quick and easy way to get it into word format.

  1. Export your online CV from your browser to HTML. In Chrome, I did Wrench button-> Save as.. and save it as "Webpage, HTML only"
  2. Launch Open Office Writer and go to Insert menu and select "File" from the bottom of the menu.
  3. Note: Do not try to import the HTML by selecting File->Open as you will open the file and go into "HTML mode" of OpenOffice Writer and from there you will not be able to convert to .doc format.
  4. From this point do some basic formatting changes and "Save As.." "Word 97/2000/XP".
  • Pushed on 05/31/2013 by Christian