Christian Pelczarski [ Pel • zar • ski ]

New Hampshire, USA

I've been a web application developer for the last 24 years and for last the 17 years I've used Ruby on Rails as my web application framework.

I'm as senior as one can be right now with the new Hotwire tech stack having built a MVP fully on Hotwire, revamped an existing app to utilize Hotwire, and now I am part of a team building another fully Hotwired-enabled app. I'm also a contributor to the fantastic Turbo Power NPM package and the Turbo Power Rails gem.

I regularly contribute back to the community. My gem, qbo_api, is one of the most widely used gems for QuickBooks Online integration. My QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) Integration Master Class filled a tremendous void. My Learn TMUX with Minimul series exceeded an estimated 70k views.

PestNow 2022-2023

I was team memeber that rebuilt PestNow's web application from the ground up (version 3) using Rails 7, Hotwire, and Tailwindcss. We absolutely pushed Hotwire to its limits in an effort to delivery a terrific UI given the complex form requirements.

Borderhound 2022-

Built from scratch employing Rails 7, a generous use of Hotwire tech and Tailwindcss. See the screenshots to get a better idea. Borderhound has QuickBooks Desktop and Online integration and was recently listed on the QuickBooks App Store. I open sourced the Ansible playbooks for building and deploying a similiar Rails app on a hosting provider of your choice, avoiding Heroku lock-in.

Xsell 2015-

Greater Atlanta based GasketGuy had an idea to revolutionize the way gasket repair shops do business. We partnered to make an app completely tailored for this vertical market. Named Xsell, it is currently in daily use and is contributing nicely to the businesses bottom line. I finished the app entirely to their vision and didn't go over the budget by a single penny.

At the conception in 2015, I thought the Turbolinks held much promise and built the app exploiting the technology to construct a highly demanding interface, fast. The app also was primarily to be used in the field with an iPad so it needed to rival a native iOS app in feel and user experience, a goal also achieved. I've since upgraded Xsell to Rails 6.1, and the Hotwire tech stack of Turbo and Stimulus.

Guru Importer 2015-

CPA Alan Davis and his brother Steve Davis had an idea to get Payroll import files in IIF format into QuickBooks Online. I was able to turn that idea into a reality on budget and it is now enjoying profitability. Guru Importer just passed its seventh year anniversary on the QuickBooks App store. I built everything except some of the marketing and design aspects. The app was recently upgraded to Rails 6.1 and I've been the solo developer since its inception. I was able to open source the IIF parsing engine.

Wherefour 2018-2019

Rails integration with QuickBooks Desktop. Brief time as Lieutenant CTO.

Green Light Group Tours 2016-2019

I helped advise GLGT on how to turn around a troubled Rails app. Much of the counsel was adopted and the app was back on track for success. I also completed the QuickBooks Online integration.

Livingston Express 2002-2023

I teamed up with Pat McGinley LLC to create a web based US Custom Broker application (needed for US importers) for NG Jensen. After a year the project's prospects looked dismal as the user interface to create a US import was cumbersome, taking 12 steps.

In response we turned to a little known at the time, 2003, browser technology that was later termed AJAX to convert those 12 steps into a single interface. After the change, adoption soared and profits increased and I'd speculate it was a key ingredient on NG Jensen being selected by Livingston International for acquisition.

Experience Potpurri 2006-2015
RepairShopr Rails integration with QuickBooks Online and Desktop.
Motorlot Full-stack Rails developer
Yesware Full-stack Rails developer
2007-2011 Full-stack Rails developer
Podcast management app Full-stack Rails developer
Open Source Contributions 2009-present
Education – B.S. from Millersville University
  • 100% personally financed my degree.
  • Heavily active in Computer Art, Animation (using the late great Commodore Amiga no less) and Desktop Publishing during my time at Millersville, completing many credits in various related classes.
  • The first web app I made was an internal bug tracker in 1999 for USL Financials and was built using ASP classic with Exchange Server as the backend.
  • I was early into Linux and used to re-compile the Linux kernel that would serve as the guts of Internet NAT Firewall router devices (1998-1999).
  • I first dabbled with Rails when it was version 0.4. I made my first app, a podcasting management app in 2006 right after Rails hit version 1.0.
  • I build a ~50'x 80' ice rink every year, which transforms to an amazing grass volleyball court the rest of the year.
  • I played football for the nationally famous CB West High School under the legendary Mike Pettine, Sr. We never lost a game during my three years on varsity, (co-)won the '87 Pennsylvania State Championship, and finished the USA Today High School Football rankings 9th in '86 and 7th in '87.
  • I also played at Millersville University and was a 1st team All-ECAC (pg. 4) wide receiver
  • .. and I still hold the Millersville University individual record for most catches in a game (18) . The record also stood for 24-years as a PSAC record (which is the conference Millersville plays in that consists of 12 teams).
  • These days I'm an avid ice hockey and volleyball player.
  • I follow the major world volleyball tournaments.