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Issue 16. September 25, 2015

Reporting improvements PR merged

As soon as we pushed 0.3.0 we went to 0.4.0 as the reporting PR refactored the "old" way of pulling and parsing reports. Thanks again to Mike Frawley for the PR.

Support for downloading a PDF of an Invoice or Sales Receipt.

Cody got this one in and it also paves the way to download other transactions easily.

No more nasty looking buttons

Upgrade your app's "Connect to QuickBooks" and "Sign in with Intuit" buttons now!

Intuit Developer Service Dashboard

Tired of burning time thinking your code is busted only to find out the API or sandbox system is down. Hopefully, this will help.

What are the throttle limits?

"We have a throttling policy across all QuickBooks APIs to permit 500 requests/minute per RealmId. The policy permits 200 requests/minute per RealmId for reports endpoints."

What are the throttle limits for a sandbox?

Seems like this answer says it is 100 requests a minute.

New 4-part series on getting started with Node.js and QuickBooks

The node-quickbooks is a well written, JSON-only library that I use in-place of the API explorer to test since the API doc samples are all in JSON now-a-days.
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