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Grow your LinkedIn contacts with connect templates



I recently crafted a Chrome extension using Angular and Rails under the covers. The Chrome Store description explains its purpose best.

If you want to grow your LinkedIn contacts then you need to make the most of the 300 characters given. You need to explain how the person will benefit from accepting your connect request. The IBeeConnectIn extension helps because after you craft a good connect message it can be applied to other similar LinkedIn contacts. For example,

"Hi Dave, I am also a freelance technical writer and I am thinking we could collaborate as we have different specialties within tech writing. Regards, Harry."

The IBeeConnectIn extension allows the above connect message to easily be reused with other freelance technical writers like "Dave".

Here is the Chrome Store install link. Hope this tool helps grow your presence on LinkedIn.

  • Pushed on 09/06/2014 by Christian