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Elinks browser only goes to google on OSX after brew install


The brew formula as of this writing is pulling elinks 0.11 and this version doesn't work correctly with OSX. You want to install .12pre.

brew edit elinks

class Elinks < Formula
  homepage 'http://elinks.or.cz/'
  #url 'http://elinks.or.cz/download/elinks-0.11.7.tar.bz2'
  url 'http://elinks.or.cz/download/elinks-0.12pre5.tar.bz2'
  #md5 'fcd087a6d2415cd4c6fd1db53dceb646'
  md5 '92790144290131ac5e63b44548b45e08'

brew upgrade elinks

  • Pushed on 04/21/2012 by Christian