• Got an idea for a killer OCR app?
  • Or need to extract text from images to help grow your business?
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Who are you and what is your street cred?

I'm a small business owner who gets a kick out of automating tasks to help other businesses make more profits. My business has been incorporated since 2005 so I have been doing this very thing successfully for the last 14 years.

Taking ProAdvisor email images and turn them into text.

The ProAdvisor App

Launched Summer 2016

The app takes Intuit ProAdvisor public email images and converts them to text so they can be used in an email program.

How much?

I will give you a fixed bid price that I promise to not go over by a single penny. No excuses or hourly rates where you end up taking all the risks.


How fast?

Pretty darn fast. Of course, this is going to depend on many factors, which we'll discuss. But considering my expertise I can get this idea turned around .

Let's talk today.

Hi, my name is and my email address is . Please contact me as my business has a OCR project .

Or you can call me at (603) 399-5056.