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Issue 25 August 1st, 2017


Intuit took many by surprise in implementing and requiring OAuth2 for developer accounts created on or after July 17th.

Here is what I know.

  • If you have made an existing developer account you're fine for probably a good while. Even new apps you create on your existing developer account will be OAuth 1a. If you are going to be making a new QuickBooks app and what to use OAuth2 then you must make a new developer account.
  • Us library authors were definitely taken off guard as the issues started filing in. I have upgraded QboApi and Cody has started on getting quickbooks-ruby updated as well.
  • There is some indication (read linked article) that there will be a migration path to OAuth2 for existing accounts. Watch out that Intuit might turn this notion into a forced migration.
  • I have a basic article released and will have more around persisting and renewing OAuth2 access tokens.

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