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Issue 22. December 7th, 2016

New QBO API Throttle limits to be implemented this month.

I had a write up on this in Issue 21 (that's worth reviewing). There have been some nice updates to the quickbooks-ruby gem by Andrew Morton since that write up:
  • Raise a Quickbooks::ThrottleExceeded Exception.
  • Leveraging Batch and RequestIds are key when keeping away from exceeding rate limits. Andrew has some progress with this PR, although, it is only works for transaction resources.

    Aside: I haven't look into that bizarre claim made by Intuit that requestids don't work with name list entities. However, it may be a XML thing because I have not encountered problems using requestid and batch processing with name list entities in the qbo_api gem, which is JSON only. Who knows.

How do I come up with an Intuit App Store app?

Pretty cool article for figuring out a new Intuit App Store idea plus the author gives out a free idea that they are pretty sure would make it big.

Don't forget about minor version support

The v3 QBO API is now on minor version 8 so if there has been a previous API limitation holding back your integration, double-check back to this page to see if it is now supported. Here is how you leverage a minor version in qbo_api and quickbooks-ruby.

Protip: You don't need turn on a minor version global either. Just use it per request as needed.

Book update

I tend to get more done during the New Hampshire winters so look for its release before Spring.

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