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Issue 21. October 6th, 2016

New QBO API Throttle limits just a few months away

Things to check.

  • Watch it if you are using a concurrent background gem like SuckerPunch or the multi-threaded Sidekiq. You could hit the limit real quick.
  • Be ready for the "429" response. This is baked into qbo_api. With quickbooks-ruby you can check the "code" on a IntuitRequestException.
  • Start using requestid for create, update, and delete calls. For quickbooks-ruby do this and for qbo_api do QboApi.request_id = true somewhere in an initializer.
  • Use batch requests. See examples in quickbooks-ruby and qbo_api.

Intuit Developer User Voice

I just found out about this recently.

Postman with QBO API

Postman is great but a client told me that this tutorial is full of bugs ‐ so watch out.

Teaser: Look what is coming!

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