QuickBooks Ruby Newsletter

Issue 19. May 6th, 2016

Invoice voiding

Devs have been waiting forever for API invoice voiding and it has finally landed. Jozef Vaclavik added void support for quickbooks-ruby. The qbo_api gem uses raw JSON for requests so it is supported as well.

When something goes wrong it might be that you need to make it BaseReference type

I think we have found most of these — that should be a BaseReference type — but keep your eyes peeled.

Multiple entities in a single CDC query

Craggar has improved quickbooks-ruby CDC support, which previously only supported querying one entity at a time. This is not yet merged but should be soon. The qbo_api gem does support multiple entities in a CDC query.

Using Postman to mess around with the QBO API

Using a full-featured API client like Postman for exploring, testing, and spiking is much, much better than Intuit's OAuth playground.

Exploring a QuickBooks Integration

I am offering a QuickBooks integration roadmapping package that is a great way to leverage my expertise in a bite-sized way. Many of you on this list probably don't need something like this but do let others know.
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