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Issue 15. August 21, 2015

0.3.0 and partial JSON support

The TaxService only supports JSON, which was a bit of an issue. However, we where able to get a solution in place so that we could support TaxService and other potential JSON-only API abilities. With that merge 0.3.0 was pushed.

Reporting improvements PR submitted

If you remember from last issue Mike Frawley had some ideas on improving the Reports API, which he made good on by submitting a PR. If you are using the reporting API please provide some feedback soon as we will be evaluating a merge next week.

Top 10 reasons to come to QuickBooks Connect

I already have my flight booked. Let me know if you are going too.

New Rails plugin: QboRails

I abstracted a pattern from my professional QuickBooks integration consulting work into this gem, which specializes in handling and responding to errors. Note: I do plan on publishing a screencast/article.
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