QuickBooks Ruby Newsletter

Issue 12. May 29th, 2015

Sandboxes go global

"Global" meaning for UK and Australia.

Everything you wanted to know about sandboxes

Speaking of sandboxes.

Intuit App Connect Beta

Integrations are becoming more and more automated.


Another app for cookie-cutter integrations.

Correcting references

The last couple commits to the quickbooks-ruby gem deal with fixing incomplete reference construction. Intuit supports references to look like this e.g.: <EntityRef name="Jane Doe">3</EntityRef>, which the BaseReference model handles. In some cases the ability to set the name attribute was not supported. The name attribute is not required but as a developer I find it massively helpful to see the name attribute when looking at the XML.

More Gems forthcoming

I pulled off of the qbsdk_rails gem as I am in the middle of a client project getting an app launched on the Intuit App store. However, I have 2 new gems in the mill very close to public release: qbo_rails and iif-parser! Stay tunned.
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