QuickBooks Ruby Newsletter

Issue 11. May 1st, 2015

QBO API v85 has landed

Employee Entity Payroll Support and more Reporting enhancements.

Publish on Apps.com by May 20th and ...

.. Intuit will give you a million U.S. dollars! Just kidding but read on for what they are offering. Something about a "Big Easy".

Intuit urges sending the "RequestID"on every QBO request

Here is a pull request opportunity.

QuickBooks-Ruby Gem v. 0.2.3 released

The big one here is reports support. First submitted by Oskar Niburski.

Transaction or Name List Entity?

PR submitted by Arthur Chui makes it easy to distinguish between the two.

PDF Download support needed

Here is another opportunity for a PR.


Intuit sent the email yesterday confirming their stance on shutting down the QBD Rest API in less than a year. Excerpt: "Urge customers to move to QBO". Yeah, right. QBO is still way behind QBD in features for larger organizations.
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