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Issue 10. April 2nd, 2015

Getting on Intuit's Apps.com easier

Yay! Sort of. I intend to get some clarification from David Leary on what exactly "Modified single sign-on" looks like.

PR for the Budget name list support

PR submitted by Craggar and merged. Sure, you know about the Account, Customer, Employee, and Vendor name list entities but what about Budget?

The Developer Opportunity for Small Business Apps with QuickBooks Online

This is from the 2014 Connect conference with Avi Golan, VP & GM of Intuit Developer. Youtube - 7 minutes

Getting to Know the QuickBooks Online Platform

2014 Connect Conference - Dan Wernifkoff Senior VP - Small Biz Group. Avi is on this presentation too near the end. Youtube - 61 minutes.


You may recall I had designs to release a Rails engine called qbsdk_rails but needed to work out some copyright information. Well, that issue is resolved and I am back on track but it could be another 4 to 6 weeks before it hits Github.
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