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Issue 7. December 24th, 2014

18 Month Timeline to Discontinue QuickBooks Online v2 REST API

It is official now. Yeah, that means the Quickeebooks gem will no longer work.

PR for Reports API submitted

Github user, @raksonibs, is jammin on this. I also put in my 2 cents.

Keep a pulse on the quickbooks-ruby gem.

I have this link on my bookmarks bar and try to check it daily.

QuickBooks Accounting API now supports sending email with the POST operation

Released on December 18th.

Intuit RealmIds are changing from an Integer to a Long in June 2015

Intuit is running out of realm ids. You will have to modify your code so take a looksee at the article.

Looking to interact with Customer Account Data API?

Spoiler: Here is the recommended gem.

Do you know if you are being rate limited in v3 REST?

Spoiler: If you are getting an "General IO error while proxying request".

Intuit hosted a "Node day" on Dec. 5th

Looks like Intuit is using Nodejs internally. We could use a NPM package like quickbooks-ruby.

Speaking of Node, here is a new OmniAuth-like library

They need a Intuit provider. Jump in and build some Nodejs street cred.

Check out my backyard ice rink

This link goes to my twitter account which has a bunch of pictures displaying my 2014-15 backyard ice rink.

Where is the QBSDK Rails gem, Minimul?

I am going to have to get some copyright permissions worked out but I remain optimistic.
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