Intuit is pulling the plug on QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) REST API V2 calls in:

That's right. The QBD (and QBO) V2 REST is going to be "end-of-lifed" on March 1st, 2016.

How can I help.

I will convert an existing Rails app to integrate with QBD via the SDK for a fixed bid price that I promise to not go over by a single penny.

Who are you and do you have any street cred?

Christian Pelczarski, Quickbooks development and integration consultant Hi, I am Christian a.k.a Minimul. I am a QuickBooks integration consultant and I have been there and done that.

Let's talk today.

Hi, my name is and my email address is . Please contact me as my business has a Rails QuickBooks Desktop API v2 to SDK migration problem that you might be able to solve.

Or you can call me at (603) 399-5056.