Do you have an idea for a killer web application but have no clue where to start? Well, actually, you do know where to start — You'd love to talk with someone in person rather than endlessly surfing blog articles. I'll guess you have a bunch of questions such as:

  • What is all involved?
  • How much is it going to cost?
  • What about security?
  • What can I expect in maintenance costs?
  • What technology stack should we choose?
  • Should we talk to prospective customers first?
    • How do you find prospective customers?
    • How do you interview them in a way to figure out if they'll be paying customer?
  • What if our technology choice becomes obsolete in just a few years?
  • How fast can we launch?
  • I've read a bunch on marketing but don't we just "build it awesome .. and they will come?".
  • How do we ensure bugs don't get in?
  • What is this I hear about a Minimal Viable Product or MVP?
  • Where do we host this application?
  • What is "product market fit"?
  • What can we do to ensure the application doesn't go down?
  • This application is primarily going to be for larger screens but what can we do to work well on all devices?
  • How much customer support do you think we're going to need to do?
  • Do we need wireframes?
  • Should we go for funding?

Or are you a seasoned serial-entrepreneur looking to partner primarily for implementation but you also want an experienced business owner to collaborate with on marketing and business ideas?

How Can I Be Of Service?

I'll provide "in the trenches" expertise on how to make your web application a successful reality. When you work with me our first conversation will not be, "OK, let's get started building something — what's your budget?". Instead, we start by having deeper conversations. The first thing I will ask is: How do you define success so we can measure it.

I don't jump into a project impulsively. We're going to be potentially working closely over many months, and hopefully even years, and I want to make sure I understand how we'll get your business to its desired outcome.

If you prefer more of a "hired hands" relationship then I am not the proper choice for you.

My business will always provide you a fixed-fee during the version 1 & 2 building phases that I'll doggedly stick to. This pricing yields a proper sharing of risk and fosters a true partnership. It takes the focus away from a "time and materials" approach, which often leads to an adversarial relationship.

Partnership Case Studies:

Partnered with GasketGuy to launch an amazing product


GasketGuy of Atlanta, Georgia had an idea to revolutionize the way refrigerator gasket repair shops do business. We partnered to make a special app completely tailored to this vertical market. Named Xsell — it was launched on budget and is now generating increased gasket orders in a much more profitable way then previously (which was pen and paper).

Alan and Steve had an idea that we turned into an app on budget

Guru Importer

ASM Development of Wichita, Kansas had an idea to take the popular QuickBooks import format (IIF) that works only for QuickBooks Desktop and have those IIF files work magically and seamlessly with QuickBooks Online. We partnered and got Guru Importer launched on budget. The "Guru" is on its way to profitability with great reviews on the QuickBooks App Store and is being received wonderfully by its users.

Livingston Express

I partnered with Pat McGinley, LLC and Norman Jensen, Inc. to build a next-generation U.S. Customs brokerage web application. Livingston International has since acquired Express and the application continues to yield high-profits for Livingston. Express was built on budget.

🕹 Take a peek at me building a Minimal Viable Product with Rails.

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